Philipp, what do you do as a computer science student?

In the last years at the university there is one thing I really don’t like: Doing stuff and almost nobody will read it and almost nobody will have the possibility to read it. To be fair as a student in computer science there is not too much stuff I could publish so far but sometimes I feel that bummer. I think every student agree with me here. Therefore, I’ve decided to put these things on this blog from time to time. Today I will start with two items.

The first is about the complexity of the equivalence problem for regular expressions. It recalls the absolute beautiful proof of Larry Joseph Stockmeyer that this is PSPACE-complete. Unfortunately, I’ve written it in German, but if you are able to read it, then it is worth it!

The second is more practical. This semester I spent time in a bare bone operating system written in C++. At the end of this module every participant had to do a final project. I wrote an ext2 filesystem implementation for that operating system. Now, we have a generic header-only C++14 ext2 library written in ~2k lines and has ~1k lines of test code. To show the adaptability I did three things:

  • Integrated it into our bare bone operating system
  • Wrote a tool similar to e2tools
  • Wrote a tool which can mount ext2 images on OSX with osxfuse

I can not publish any code of our bare bone operating system but the rest is on github including further implementation details.

Ok with this blog post I am able to create a theoretical case in my mind that someone will perhaps read it. That makes me feel better.

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